Travel grants for AIMOS 2019

There are 55-60 travel grants available to participants who live outside of metropolitan Melbourne (including remote Victoria, interstate and overseas). The amount to be paid will be USD 400 (~AUD 580). The travel award is conditional on your participation prior to and during the workshop. These grants also include free registration for the AIMOS conference.

A payment for the travel award will be made following the workshop. The process for payment is as follows: 1) Prior to the workshop a form will be sent to you, this needs to be signed and brought to the workshop. 2) Shortly after the workshop you will be sent an email with a link to a secure webpage of the University of Melbourne where you will need to enter you bank details, and 3) once all participants have registered their bank details, the University of Melbourne will arrange a transfer to your nominated bank accounts.

Please note, that the University of Melbourne will pay the nominated award into your account to the amount of 400 USD, however, your bank will charge fees to convert the sum from USD to your local currency. This will mean a lesser amount will reach your account. We have no control over the fees your bank will charge and the final amount you will receive.

If you are unable to attend the workshop after booking flights and accommodation we will be unable to reimburse you for your costs, please keep this in mind. We recommend you take out travel insurance to cover unanticipated illness or events that might prevent your attendance at the workshop.

Please note, those who offered to provide part of their travel award to subsidise attendance by other participants, thank-you, however, we have decided that you will still receive the whole amount 400USD.

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