Confirmed workshops, hackathons and unconferences

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Franca Agnoli (University of Padova, Italy) - Voicing Values about Statistical Decisions

Kristian Camilleri (University of Melbourne, Australia) - An Introduction to Philosophy of Science in Practice

Jason Chin (University of Sydney, Australia) - Adapting metascientific research and reform to improve the legal system

Vanessa Crosby (University of NSW, Australia) - Mapping a Collective Pathway to Collaborative, Open Research

Geoff Cumming (La Trobe University, Australia) - Estimation: Why and How, now with R

Nicholas Tierney (Monash University, Australia) - Rmarkdown for Scientists

Saras Windecker (University of Melbourne, Australia) - Taking your R skills to the next level: four great strategies for reproducible research


Hannah Fraser (University of Melbourne, Australia) - Maximising the diversity and inclusivity of AIMOS

David Howells (University of Tasmania, Australia) - Quality in preclinical science

Eden Smith (University of Melbourne, Australia) - Developing Resources in Contemporary Philosophy of Scientific Practices for Scientists


Lisa Natasha Cao (Simon Fraser University, Canada) - Prestige and Open Science: How Tradition Stalls Diversity and Scientific Advancement

Matthew Ling (Deakin University, Australia) - Supporting the modernisation of research practices: Efficiency, Scalability, Openness

Bob Reed (University of Canterbury, New Zealand) - Why Aren’t There More Replications?

Andrew Vonasch (University of Canterbury, New Zealand) - Science Wiki: A viable alternative to journal publishing?