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Association for Interdisciplinary Meta-Research & Open Science

7 & 8 november 2019 | the university of melbourne

Interdisciplinary Meta-research & Open Science conference


7-8 november 2019

Program at a glance

AIMOS2019 will be a partially structured, partially unstructured conference. Each of the two days will have a theme, and will start with a series of keynotes or shorter, what we are calling “mini-notes”, followed by a more unstructured part of the day. Check out the draft program here!

We aim for AIMOS2019 to appeal to students and researchers from a range of disciplines with a shared interest in understanding and addressing challenges to replicability, reproducibility and open science.

AIMOS2019 will cover a broad range of open science and scientific reform topics, including: pre-registration and Registered Reports; peer review and scientific publishing; using R for analysis; open source experimental programming; meta-research; replicability; improving statistical and scientific inference; diversity in scientific community and practice; and methodological and scientific culture change.

The call for panels/hackathons/workshops is now open. Submit your proposal here.

For further details see here.


6 november 2019

repliCATS project: all day workshop, 6 November

Register your interest to attend this full day workshop run by the repliCATS project at the University of Melbourne. The repliCATS project aims to predict the replicability of social and behavioural science claims. Specifically, the project seeks to crowdsource group predictions for whether a claim will successfully replicate should a direct replication be undertaken (i.e. following the methods as closely as possible to the original).

There are 55-60 travel grants available to participants who live outside of metropolitan Melbourne (including remote Victoria, interstate and overseas). The amount to be paid will be USD 400 (~AUD 580). The travel award is conditional on your participation prior to and during the workshop. These grants also include free registration for the AIMOS conference.

Further details about the travel grants can be found here.

Register your interest in attending the workshop here.

For more information about the repliCATS project, visit:




University of Melbourne


The 2019 conference will be held in the Arts West building of the University of Melbourne.


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